Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DIY or getting a specialist

Are you often wondering as well whether to tidy up your garden or have a guy come in to mow the grass and kill the weeds? My husband and I have had discussions in the past about our lifestyle block. What shall we do with all the paddocks and what are we going to put where?

To be honest I am always very happy to get someone on board who knows more about a specific topic then I do. This is because of two reasons:
1.) I like delegating (love it!) and 2.) I have a tendency to not want to rack my brains about things I know are way out of my league.

When I met Stefan Mutch, our landscape architect, I knew straight away I met a guy who knows his stuff. He showed me designs he had done and as a creative, I was impressed. Presto! I thought: no more discussing trees and paddocks and what natives to plant where and going over details that make my head hurt. Great! Please hand me my glass of wine thanks very much.

So we started off with a wee chat on the land and Stefan visited us and got onto it. He started describing his ideas with great gusto and we started to picture his Grand Vision for our modest block of green. Nico my husband was listening to him with a little sceptical glare in his eyes at first because of all this excitement but got into it when Stefan kicked it up a notch. He started to 'paint' the way the new driveway could go and how that would improve the privacy of our block and the setting of the house. True, it’s easier to move a driveway then a house of bricks and also it would give our house that ‘sitting on a hill nestling in the trees look’ satisfyingly snoring in the sun. I was straight away sold on the whole concept from start to finish. Brilliant!

It took another session of convincing my DIY husband that yes, Stefan was the expert not us and that yes its worthwhile investing in a professional who actually knows what he is doing. Why? Because 1.) Peace of mind as he does the working out what goes where and 2.) More time on our hands to deal with other stuff and to actually have time to go to the beach.

Isn’t life great? Don't you just love professionals...

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