Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Honky dory

When are we feeling fabulous?

When we are happy
When we feel satisfied
When we feel safe
When we are restful
When we are content within ourselves.

Basically: when we are in our happy state of being when we Live In the Now.

Right. So to achieve this state of honky doriness we do many things. Sometimes we do many stupid things but that’s another story. The idea is to Not Do Stuff All The Time and to Avoid Stuffing It Up by resisting that which is. We peoples tend to do way too much. We get confused, we get befuddled, we get compexed, we get hyper or go in over drive. Not pretty.

So remember: feel fabulous, stay in the Now, be happy with all that is and live by Winnie The Pooh attitude: soft and simple wording and gentle actions. (Feel free to include cuddles.)

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