Friday, January 23, 2009

Shoe philosophy

I seem to be getting a fettish for shoes. I guess it’s been coming on for a while. I never thought of myself as a shoe mad woman though. Nor a handbag frenzied female. Since I’ve started working in Auckland I acquired very snazzy outfits and along with that came a few handbags and… a few shoes.

Recently I came into the possession of a pair of white ones. Truth is they are lovely but the strap starts to hurt after a while. Why do I keep wearing them? Because I like the look and feel of them even though they end up probably killing me and I hope they will become more comfortable wearing them. I like my legs (would the fact I’ve been wearing heels pretty much daily for 6 years have anything to do with chiseled calves?) and I like showing them off. Yes go ahead, sue me. There. I confessed.

The shoes talk to me. The white ones go beautifully with white skirts, pants and jeans. I recently also got very sexy red ones. They lured me, they whispered to my dancy feet and before I know it I was entranced. Red shoes! Never had nice ones like that with slinky heels. Anyway.

You’ll probably remember seeing I can wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed there even though the target market is cross dressers and transvestites. The story is in the heel. Literally. I tell you what, you couldn’t sell me a flat heel in a million years. Those things are for grannies with bad hips and nuns. I’m neither. They give me the shudders, the itchies, the run-for-the-hills-syndrome and wanting to shout aaaahhhh very loudly.

So back to the heels. I decided after writing this piece I had to go home and count my shoes. Would the amount of them really be that silly? Considering I arrived in the country with none but hiking boots and a pair of jandals, the collection to date is pretty impressive. My Canadian born cousin recently confided to me she had 6 pairs. I admired her restraint. How can a gorgeous woman like that ONLY have 6 pair of shoes? How does she do it?

Ok I went back and counted. Guess what: 13 pair of heels, 3 pairs of jandals, 2 pair of gum boots (live on a farm after all) and 3 oddballs which include 1 pair of new hiking boots. Teresa the cousin said I should send her a photo of them all. Maybe that will help explain to her husband that in fact there ARE women out there with so many shoes. I just never imagined it would be me… Staggering! Please get me a coffee… oh dear…

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