Monday, January 19, 2009

magic frequencies

Having brainwaves is a good thing. It means the pink blob is working, ticking along and humming on its magic frequencies, making popping noises when ideas start tumbling over each other and resulting in a waterfall (like chocolate pouring out of the huge container in the chocolate Cadbury Factory here in Dunedin). It can be overwhelming and it can be very Eureka. It can taste delicious too.

For me, I had been pondering how to resolve a situation involving my own dear business, Quality Living ltd. I have a group of wonderful people I’d like to continue to work with, I have got myself and my limitations time wise, and I have my financials that are in pretty good nick but have yet to evolve to come even close to compare to Buffets empire. (There's time still.) As I’m continuing to work on my business plan and tinkering along filling it out I wonder and ponder. A practical and sensible idea has entered my head and I will go and see a business consultant to discuss this with tomorrow. I realized that I can’t be everything and do everything. Everyone has their expertise and mine is seeing things others don’t and getting these ideas underway and into motion. Being creative helps too. I have a knack for picking up on gaps in the market, trends, how certain things will pan out and so on.

There’s more to life than making money though, for me it’s about passion and keeping my eye on the ball is important. Growth is a motivator through experience and bringing people together who can share that. It’s about learning, not accumulation. You can’t take material things with you when you die but heck I decided I can have fun in the meantime. Money is energy and a means to and end, not a goal in itself.

Last year I felt I was trying to learn to mountain climb but couldn’t see the whole mountain from where I was and I hadn’t all the necessary gear. It would be a bonus if I found someone who’s climbed a rock face before but I will make do without him or her if it so happens. I’m not afraid of trying new things or to fall on my face. Playing safe doesn't get you anywhere. I’m not stopping my enterprise because it’s daunting. I’ve concluded I’m better doing what I do best and to learn that which I think I can get my head around and consult the ones who are experts in areas I'm not. Keeping taking steps is the best way. I am not yet a hard core businesswoman who knows the whole nine yards. I probably will be quite knowledgeable by the time I’m 40. I’m not wanting to become this straight haired business biach anyway, with bright red lipstick and stilettos to kill. I'd laugh at myself too much looking like that. If you take yourself too seriously then live starts to lose its shine.

The more I think about it, the more sense it makes to do what I intend to do. I found that it no longer matters what opinions others may have. I do my homework, draw the conclusions and keep building. Those who will understand what I'm doing and support me will definitely benefit from it. So we all win the end of the day and the main thing is that I know I've done all I possibly can. And it will be quite a bit.

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