Thursday, January 8, 2009


Procrastinating: being wary of the inevitable and making life easier in brackets by sticking your head in the sand. Also look up; denial, blissful forgetfulness and pussy footing.
The famous To Do list. (Ewww ….. scary like cooties)

How to deal with this?
Advice I received through an inspiring read:
Make a list and start with the To Dos putting the ones you resent or hate most at the top. This way, the further down the list you get the easier things are and the more your day improves! Great idea. I tried this in the weekend and I have to say that after window cleaning (inside and out and we own a 4 bedroom) it wasn’t too bad. I got plenty of other activities of my list as well and once the late afternoon rolled round I had perked up realizing that yes! I had conquered the procrastinating bug. Jolly golly me! It worked!

I also have a small agenda that contains the To Dos. Why? Because I used to write them on post its that got lost in my handbag and I conveniently forgot about them thus creating marital problems.
How to avoid marital problems:

Write stuff down and do it, otherwise you’re toast, dead duck a l’Orange, ultimately unrecognizably parked in a very small room at the local Morgue. You get my drift.
“Just do it”


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  1. Don't do today if you can do it tomorrow .. and maybe the issue will even "go away" spontaneously - yes, it happens: sometimes things have been on my to-do list for such a long time that they aren't relevant anymore.

    Anyways, I've been told that one should put the strategically important things which don't take a trivial amount of time near the top of ones to-do list, followed by the important-10-minute tasks, followed by non-strategic/non-important stuff. That's called time-management - we'll allways find the time to do a short hi-priority task..

    On the other hand it's rather uesful to tear up a to-do list now and then, you don't want to be bogged down by all that stuff - live life to the fullest and all that.