Thursday, January 15, 2009

The deal with the Goats

Yes I like goats. You heard me. Fuzzy white creatures kitted out with intelligence and naughtiness. My mob is hilarious. I got 1 Angoran buck, 5 wethers (boys without their dangly bits) and 8 females. Being equipped with a sense of humor and playfulness they bounce around like there’s no tomorrow. All the girls have kids. We have 14 small critters in kindy class flying about. The biggest I named Robbie, after my dear dad. Robbie’s mum, Jezebel, wrecked dad’s arm muscles and tore them as dad tried to catch her for drenching when he was last visiting. He needed to wear this special strap on his elbow for ages…. So never underestimate the Power of a Goat.

So how come an urban working girl, living in the WOPS, has goats? Good question. Because: 1. We are not keen on sheep 2. They keep the grass short 3. They are great entertainment. Mainly it’s door number 3!

We have learned a lot about goats since we got them. We lost three of them due to this bugger of a worm infection. Apparently central Otago has this worm disease that wiped out whole flocks. Our vet, bless her cotton socks, knew about this particular nasty worm and gave us a drench that works and prevents the goaties from being eaten alive. I know it is gross. Seeing a goat being cut up for a post mortem wasn’t exactly a picnic first time round, but hey its part of life and the biological display eventually was quite fascinating. Good pink colors, healthy organs, what goes where, that sort of thing. The poor goat boy in question had been put to sleep as to cease his suffering. Of course I was sad, and actually had no time to blubber my eyes out as there –quite literally- was hay to be made! So off we trot to spend HOURS in the paddocks getting the hay in with the help of our neighbours.

Bottom line: goats bring joy and sorrow. Only sorrow when we lose them because of stupid worms. We have learned our lesson, look after them carefully and appreciate the company of these wonderful creatures.

They live in the Now and the Force is with them. Bless the fluffy beasties.

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